Wednesday, August 15, 2012


SAM GASKIN - "sketchbook"
(Culled from the personal sketch books of Sam Gaskin, we're offered access into 44 pages of drawings, ideas, jokes and quotes that will enrapture your frontal lobe and make a new home of your frail bodily vessel. Printed in a pocket-sized edition to better help facilitate concealment from authority squares; to give the kids a better chance at not getting caught while passing-in-class. Personality and humor pop off the page charming even the crankiest of belly-achers, and also form a suitable document of interest for extraterrestrials attempting to understand the mind of a young man infatuated with video game and cartoon imagery of the 1990's. Featuring landmark appearances by such unknown characters as the hairless aquatic ape, DJ Sleepy ZZZZ's & MC Glass of Milk.)

Printed in an edition of 100 copies, 50% given to the artist.
4"x5.5". 44 pages, black & white. Mixed color oversized covers.
Essientally being sold for the price of postage, buy in duplicate!

$2 (postage paid in u.s.a. - intl. orders write for shipping cost)
paypal to:


  1. This zine has been officially cataloged in the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston library.


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