Saturday, October 27, 2012


Remake The Sleeper
by Andrew Restrepo

(After a ridiculously long stretch of planning and passing paper, Friends & Relatives is pleased to announce the release of "Remake The Sleeper". 44 pages compiling the complete lyrical poetry of Andrew Restrepo written between 2005 and 2011. A survey of the modern urban pallette, emotional interspace and a confidence gained through desperation. A setting and scenario that often incorporates manicured lawns, the abuse of prescription medication and end times iconography.)

Printed in an edition of 50 copies, 50% of them given to the author.
8.5"x7.5", softcover (zine style)

$4 (postage paid in the U.S., Intl. orders write for shipping costs)

excerpts from the collection: 

Leave the Plymouth half sunk in the mud
Taste the ginger ale splashing across your gums
As the pressure in your head singes off the charts
In the insatiable Southern Nevada night
We were drenched in the stretches of wild lights
As we flail straight into the unsettling source of it all

At that moment
Right then
We saw the Virgin Mother
Lift herself gracefully above the sand

There are always car tires burning somewhere
There's always someone in the shower washing blood from their hair
And every last cicuit in our body has gone insane
In the unquenchable Southern Nevada night
What brought us here does not have our best intentions in mind
As we rip out the ignition and dispose of the plates

At that moment
Right then
We saw the Virgin Mother
Open wide her gentle loving hand

Sheer Rapture

Once a year you know that I will come limping in
From that mean south-east side of town
When I see you trying to move the Kelvinator by yourself
I know exactly what's going down

Your soft, pink tongue
Is full of all kinds of threats
Mix in a splash of grenadine
And a couple of Percosets
Only someone like me
Would've thought that this was it

Blood spews from the faucets and everything changes
When you shift in your seat
Crops fail when you don that halter top
You are absolute, uninhibited heat

Who knew
I would remember this
Because right now everything about you
Is dripping with sex
Now I know
That this is it

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