Thursday, July 28, 2016

2 new cassettes available!
$5 each (+$2 shipping per order). Buy em both.

Zak M. - "Gravois Ave. Mango Prom"
America's heartland crooner delivers with a full length album of twisted outsider organ, dexterous lyrics and subtle tape manipulations. Drafted with the faint of heart in mind, these songs'll slowly drag you through the dried leaves & safely return you to the loveseat of your dreams (without breaking curfew). 34 minutes long. Full color artwork. Purple shell cassettes, painstakingly dubbed in real-time for the sake of hi-fidelity. Edition of 50 copies.

Jeremy Kennedy & Yosuke Kitazawa - "agenda (in bold)"
Electronic interventions & deconstructed guitar passages intermingle within a state of hypnagogia in this Los Angeles pairing's debut album. Discerning patience and deep listening are accentuated throughout the duo's improvisational reporting from the front line. 29 minutes long. Full color artwork. Dubbed in real-time for fidelity's sake. Edition of 50 copies.