Friday, August 3, 2012

"Masterpieces of Objective Reporting"  LP
is at the pressing plant now!
(to be co-released by Friends & Relatives, Gilgongo and Faux-Pas Records)

Here is a peek at the recently printed jackets.
Nut brown spraypaint stenciled background, with screenprinted
line drawings by John Collins McCormick.
Printed onto recycled LP jackets.

The audio for this one was recorded in November 2011 in a 19th century log cabin, set in the woods of Southern Indiana. 40 minutes of foreign landscapes, cross-sectioning and language development.

Jay Kreimer - Space Needles, Laptop
Marty Belcher - Saxophones, Metal Objects, Snare
John McCormick - Modified Turntable, Extraneous Objects
Justin Rhody - Trumpet, Harmonica, Guitar, Turntable, Cymbal

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