Friday, September 6, 2013

After 13 years of running the label I've decided to put it on hold for a while, and not release any new material for the foreseeable future. There are a few other large projects that I need to complete in it's place, and I need to clear out some space for them (both physically & mentally.)

Below you'll find a current list of what is available (many of the titles are almost sold out, with only a couple copies remaining.) If you are interested in ordering anything, please drop me a line and we'll set ya up with a great deal of a bargain.

list last updated 9/21

LP Records
(D)(B)(H) - "Masterpieces of Objective Reporting"
(D)(B)(H) / Seeded Plain & Hal Rammel - "split"
(D)(B)(H) / Glen or Glenda - "split" (few copies remaining!)
Mt. Gigantic - "old smiler"

7" records
Justin Clifford Rhody / Nocturnal Feeding - "split"
Justin Clifford Rhody / Fools - "split"
Dig Shovel Dig - "recent works from the two greatest composers in the universe"

Cassette Tapes
Lougow - "king conversion"
Mt. Gigantic - "old smiler" (1 copy remaining!)
Amina Althea - "carpet collections"

Compact Disks
Charlie Mcalister & Eric Ostrowski - "the year of suspended sap..." (1 copy remaining!)
Volume: 2 - compilation 2xCD (1 copy remaining!)
Jack Wright Nonet - "live in detroit"
Jad Fair & Bill Wells - "whale"
Jad Fair & David Fair - "6 dozen cookies" (2 copies remaining!)
Uke Of Phillips - "PepperMintBirdHouseTeaShantyShack" (1 copy remaining!)
Mt. Gigantic - "old smiler"
Mt. Gigantic - "gleanings and gatherings"
Missing Murderers - "midnight hymns" (1 copy remaining!)

DRAWINGS #2 - comics compilation/anthology (few copies remaining!)

Hepatitis (B) Youth", by Jeremy Hogan (1 copy remaining!)

Human Hair


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